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7 Bad Habits For Dental Health You Need to Kick in the New Year

Your lifestyle choices could impact your oral hygiene. Here are seven bad habits for oral health you’ll want to kick to improve your dental health this year.

Let’s talk about the impact of modern lifestyles on dental hygiene. We all have vices, quirks, and habits that might not be great for our teeth and gums. While a tasteful glass of red wine or a sugary treat is always great in moderation, many lifestyle choices can start to wreak havoc on your teeth if it becomes an ongoing bad oral health.

Need help determining which habit is causing cavities or unwanted tooth decay? We’re here to help.


Here’s a list of seven bad habits for dental health you should kick for better oral health:

1. Chewing on Ice

While chewing on ice may feel harmless, it irritates your gums and wears down your tooth enamel. One wrong chew can also lead to a chipped or broken tooth. If you regularly chew on ice with every meal, consider switching it for cucumbers, sugar-free gum, or apple slices. This is a great way to get your fix while protecting your pearly whites.

2. Smoking Tobacco

Individuals who regularly smoke cigarettes or vape are more susceptible to discoloration, gum disease, and tooth decay. Smoking is a bad habit for dental health to include in your everyday routine that can have severe consequences for your health and oral wellness. If you’re struggling to quit cold turkey, consider looking into nicotine patches, nasal sprays, or other alternatives.

3. Using Over-the-Counter Whiteners too Often

Look, we get it. We all want to maintain gorgeous, pearly white teeth! You may explore over-the-counter teeth whitening and other solutions if you struggle with yellow teeth and discoloration. While many are safe in moderation, if you overuse OTC whiteners too often, it could break down your enamel and make your teeth more sensitive over time.

Instead, speak to your dentist or dental care provider. They’ll provide recommendations based on your teeth and help you get closer to a whiter smile.

4. Excessive Drinking

Cocktails, red wine, and other popular alcoholic drinks contain excessive amounts of sugar. Some are also highly acidic, which can slowly dissolve the enamel on your teeth and lead to sensitivity and pain.

To protect your teeth from the alcoholic drinks you enjoy, you’ll want to ensure you’re always pairing your favorite beverage with a glass of water. Between each sip, make sure to grab a sip of water. Also, ensure you’re brushing your teeth before going out for the night to eliminate bacteria and prevent unwanted stains or discoloration.

5. Grinding

Grinding is only sometimes a preventable bad dental habit. This is a common habit that’s harder to kick for some people. If you’re constantly clenching your jaw or waking up with tooth pain, consider investing in a night guard. This will protect your teeth at night and help you avoid putting less strain on your jaw.

6. Too Much Coffee

You’re not going to like this one! There’s nothing wrong with starting your morning with a warm cup of joe. However, drinking too much coffee can impact oral wellness and lead to tooth discoloration over time. 

Instead, you’ll want to limit your coffee intake to one to two cups of coffee a day. Between each cup of coffee, drink water to keep your mouth from drying out and avoid unwanted discoloration. With changes to your lifestyle, you can still enjoy your favorite cup of coffee while keeping your teeth looking their best.

7. Using Your Teeth As a Tool

Every time you use your teeth to open a bag or a plastic top of a water bottle, you expose your teeth to bacteria and put them at risk for breaking or cracking. Instead of using your teeth, you’ll want to grab a pair of scissors or find an alternative. Trust us – your teeth will thank you!


Enhance Your Modern Lifestyle With Healthy Dental Habits

Ready to kick your bad habits and avoid discoloration, tooth decay, and gum diseases? At Panacea Dental, our core mission is to transform our patients’ dental health and habits. We are deeply passionate about empowering individuals to break free from detrimental dental practices, paving the way for an elevated standard of dental well-being.

Your journey to improved dental wellness begins with us. We invite you to schedule an appointment to achieve and sustain a brighter, healthier smile. Join us at Panacea Dental as we work together to elevate your dental health and well-being.

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