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Tiny Teeth, Big Care: Navigating Pediatric Dental Health

Are you struggling to get your little ones to brush their teeth? Here are seven tips you can use to help them develop better dental habits and oral hygiene.

Teaching your little ones how to prioritize their oral health can be challenging. Many parents need help to get their children to prioritize brushing their teeth at least twice a day, leading to unwanted cavities and extra trips to the dentist. Establishing oral hygiene habits during your child’s adolescence will help them make better adult dental decisions.



Still trying to figure out where to start? Here are seven tips for helping your kids develop better brushing habits:


1. Avoid Thumb-Sucking and Bottle Decay

During infancy, it’s the parent’s responsibility to establish proper pediatric dental hygiene routines and avoid habits with negative consequences. If your child is still drinking from a bottle, you’ll want to avoid putting them to bed with a bottle filled with milk or other sugary drinks. This can lead to tooth decay and unwanted cavities. Another habit you’ll want to be mindful of is thumbsucking. These behaviors should be corrected to avoid crooked teeth or bite problems.


2. Use Storytelling and Gamification

Don’t be afraid to have fun with pediatric dental hygiene. When you turn brushing your teeth into a story or a game, you can make everyday tasks into fun-filled activities for your little ones.

For example, when your kids wake up or get ready to go to bed, you can remind them that they have sugar bugs in their mouths that must be brushed away!

You can also add a sense of urgency by playing a game like beat the timer to get them to head to the bathroom to brush their teeth quickly. Have fun with it, and be bold and explore different approaches until you find what works for your family.


3. Turn Brushing Your Teeth Into an Enjoyable Activity

Instead of positioning brushing your teeth as a chore, look for ways to make it a fun morning and evening activity for your little ones. When you approach their brushing habits with a positive mindset, you don’t need to worry about them skipping brushing sessions to watch cartoons or play with their toys. There are many ways you can do this. Some popular methods include: 

  • Provide positive reinforcement.
  • Play music and dance while they brush their teeth.
  • Buy them a toothbrush they like.


4. Brush Your Teeth With Your Kids

Think about all the time you spend with your little ones. Whether it’s cooking dinner, going to the park after school, or reading a nighttime book before bed. These are moments children look forward to every day. When you turn brushing your teeth into a group activity for the whole family, you can turn brushing your teeth into a positive bonding experience for everyone.


5. Keep a Brushing Chart

A brushing chart helps your children visualize their success and improve their habits. Every time they brush their teeth in the morning or at night, you can add a sticker to their chart. After they’ve earned a certain amount of stickers, they win a prize! This is a great way to keep your children engaged with their brushing routine and to inspire them to attend every brushing session.


6. Have a Bedtime and Morning Routine

A routine will help your children establish healthier habits. Routine training offers structure to their daily lives and ensures your children remember to brush their teeth every day. The predictability of a daily routine keeps kids on task and can also improve your child’s social and communication skills.


7. Schedule Regular Checkups

Scheduling regular dental checkups with your pediatric dentist will ensure your children are familiar with the dentist and proper oral health. You should bring your kids in for semi-annual oral checkups after their first birthday. The more often they go, the more comfortable they’ll be with the experience. Remember to maintain a positive mindset and set up activities for the car ride and waiting room.


Maintaining your pearly whites can be easy. With fun-filled activities, a daily routine, and a positive attitude, you can help your kiddos make dental health a priority.


At Panacea Dental, we are dedicated to helping you improve your child’s brushing habits and stay on top of their dental hygiene habits. Schedule an appointment today to get your child started.

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